Sunday, December 13, 2009

Joseph Whipple

Years Served: 1789 to 1787

Joseph Whipple, born in 1756, was a student of Joseph Gardiner and later in life served as the secretary of the Massachusetts Medical Society (1802 to 1804). He served as Boston’s first port physician serving from 1779 to 1787. He was a mere 23 years of age at the time of his appointment so it is clear that his affiliation with his mentor, Dr. Gardiner, must have played a role in his assignment. During his tenure as port physician, the Selectmen relied on him to inspect vessels and to provide professional opinions concerning the efficacy of routine decontamination procedures for people and goods. He acquired a large professional business in Boston where he resided. He died September 3, 1804 at the age of forty eight.

To learn about other Port Physicians that worked on Boston's maritime quarantine program, go to the Port Physician blog:

Source: American Quarterly Register, Volume 13, American Educational Society, Boston, 1841, p. 86

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